the stories

The following is a growing archive of short fiction featuring the profound haxx0r gunman. By reading them you not only affirmitavely certify that you are over 18 years of age, but also that you are one of the president's men. WAKE UP

(NEW)The Young haxx0rgunman Chronicles, pt. IV

More shocking revelations about the past of the man they call haxx0r gunman!

(NEW)The Young haxx0rgunman Chronicles, pt. III

Just how did haxx0r gunman get those cyber-eyes?

enter the haxx0rgunman

haxx0r gunman enters stage right in this jaw-dropping first chapter of the saga!


Could it be that haxx0r gunman's own shadow has turned against him?

haxx0rgunman's battle continues

A dreaded disease puts haxx0r gunman's very soul at stake.

haxx0rgunman's new beginning

A true haxx0r gunman knows that crime never pays.

haxx0rgunman gold

haxx0r gunman learns an important lesson about substance abuse.

haxx0rgunman lite

Some would say that haxx0r gunman is short. Others would say he is to the point. Both would be right.

haxx0rgunman birthday

haxx0r gunman plans a killer surprise party for one of CWAL's own.

haxx0rgunman - Planet W

A warrior from a different world joins haxx0r gunman's side.

haxx0rgunman's ecstasy

One of CWAL's notorious administrators challenges haxx0r gunman himself.

haxx0rgunman's shocking discovery pt. 2

haxx0r gunman finds a terrible secret on a planet of lies.

haxx0rgunman: a Time for Peace and a Time for War

In the midst of a nation's greatest tragedy, a hero rises from the rubble.

haxx0rgunman's return to innocence

An old friend joins haxx0r gunman to fight a new foe.

haxx0rgunman: Vektor for Destruction

haxx0r gunman detects a massive gathering of lameon particles in the general vicinity of CWAL.

haxx0rgunman - Of Love's Labors Lost

You're never really alone if you've got a friend like Flup!

that's haxx0r(gunman)

In a world of half-truths, a haxx0r gunman would do good to know who his friends are.

when haxx0rgunmen fall upon deaf ears

What would Baphomet do?

haxx0rgunman's date with destiny

Strategy and tactics fly out the window as haxx0r gunman embraces his true heritage.

haxx0rgunman's little-noticed observation

Fighting alone against an administrator, haxx0r gunman begins to despair.

haxx0rgunman and the Double Dare

Can one of history's most powerful interstellar warlords put a stop to haxx0r gunman once and for all?

haxx0rgunman's workin' for the weekend

All the training in the world couldn't prepare these marines for their own destiny.

haxx0rgunman con carne

haxx0r gunman treads the fine line between life and half-life in this chilling new adventure.

haxx0rgunman: legacy of virtue

A strange visitor proves that not even wealthy corporations are safe from the wrath of haxx0r gunman.

haxx0rgunman's tools of the trade

A mind-blowing tale of treachery dares to ask what horrors the advanced technology of the future may bring.

The Young haxx0rgunman Chronicles

Sure we all know that haxx0r gunman spends the 21st century as a bittersweet lemondrop in a mouth of misfortune, but have you ever wondered how he spent the 20th century? Find out now!

The Young haxx0rgunman Chronicles, pt. II

Even as a young man, haxx0r gunman has a knack for overcoming the odds.