haxx0rgunman - Planet W

Late one dark night, the wind began to blow in an empty lot. A strange light began to flicker and flash, until it was a steady glow emanating from a ball of pure white energy. Two figures emerged from the light and immediately engaged in combat.

The first picked up the second by his midsection and slammed him down to the ground. Moving at a blinding speed, the second was back on his feet in seconds, delivering a series of crushing right hands to his opponent's face. Just as it seemed the battle was over, the first man delivered a vicious kick to the other's midsection, causing him to double over.

The first took this opportunity to put the second's head over his shoulder and wrapped his muscular arm around his neck. Then, with an earth-shaking force, he stuck his legs out in front of himself and fell to the ground. The impact sent the other man bouncing back up for a moment, but then crashing back to the ground, knocked out cold.

Satisfied that his adversary was incapacitated, the first man brushed himself off and walked off into the darkness of the night. It wasn't long before haxx0r gunman arrived on the scene.

Temporal readings in the vicinity had indicated massive quadralateral fluxage. haxx0r gunman had headed there as soon as he had heard. But it might have been too late.

He didn't see evidence of any fluxage when he got there. Maybe I'm too late. Wait, what's that? He saw the man lying in a heap on the ground. He was beginning to stir.

Almost instinctually, haxx0r gunman pointed the cold, metasteel barrel of his 2x haxx0r gun at the man's face as he rose. The man had dark skin, black hair, and was wearing nothing but black boots and small black trunks. The body that was revealed by a lack of clothing was muscular and toned. haxx0r gunman knew he'd have to be careful with this man.

The man stared at haxx0r gunman, bewildered. He was obviously out of his element.

"Who are you?" haxx0r gunman asked coldly.

"Who am I? Don't you recognize me??" The man turned his head to show his profile. haxx0r gunman didn't move.

"I'm going to ask you one more time, who are you?"

The man stared at haxx0r gunman, obviously somewhat amazed. "Haven't you ever heard of The Rock?" haxx0r gunman shook his head. "The Brahma Bull? The People's Champ? The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment Today?" A 2x haxx0r bolt zinging right past the man's head silenced him.

"Listen, I've never heard of you. Just tell me what your connection to all this fluxage is."

But The Rock's expression of bewilderment held firm. "Fluxage? What . . .? Where am I? What year is this? What's going on?"

haxx0r gunman realized then that it was quite possible this man was from a different time. Maybe even a different universe.

As a boy one day, his Shaolin master had approached him and asked a single question. "haxx0r-san, what is a flux?"

"A flux is but two truths that have become one," he had answered, without hesitation.

"Yes, haxx0r-san. Never forget this, and you will go far."

Now haxx0r gunman was remembering it and putting it to good use. Somehow, this man must have arrived from a completely different world, similar in some respects, but different in others.

Understanding completely how space and time had been bent, he explained the basic principals of fluxes and how he had gotten here to the man calling himself The Rock.

"Of course," The Rock said. "So this is a different world from my own? Who would have thought such things could exist? In my own world, everything was decided by combat. We'd battle for the very earth we lived on. Now I can only hope I can fight my way back there."

haxx0r gunman nodded. There was much wisdom in this man's words. They would need all of it to get him back home.

"I almost forgot, haxx0r gunman, there was another who traveled space and time with me. His name is Stone Cold Steve Austin, and he is a powerful warrior, and a dangerous enemy. We must be careful of him."

"Indeed, if he is anywhere near as mighty as you, he could pose quite a threat."

"Well, haxx0r gunman, some would say that he is stronger." The two men, united at last, left in search of the one called Stone Cold.

It wasn't long before they found him. He came rushing out of the shadows, leveling The Rock with a powerful clothesline. He turned his attention to haxx0r gunman, or, more precisely, the 2x haxx0r bolt that was already flying at him. Within seconds of being exposed to this strange new technology, it had already eradicated him.

The battle had not been without it's sacrifices though. The clothesline that had knocked down The Rock had also decapitated him, and all that remained of his body soon vanished into the sands of time.

Life is so fragile, no matter what world it comes from. How many different universes are there? He stared into the starry night sky and wondered. And which one has someone for me? haxx0r gunman sighed and trudged off.