haxx0rgunman's battle continues

haxx0r gunman was not himself. He had woken up in the small grove of trees he had chosen to sleep in the night before. But upon waking he had discovered the dark, rotting patches of flesh on his arm. This could be bad.

"The Plague." The doctor's words several hours later confirmed haxx0r gunman's worst suspicions. Somehow, despite all his nano-medicines, he had been infected with the dreaded disease that had claimed so many millions of lives.

Within hours, he would be nothing more than a dead pile of festering sores!

haxx0r gunman sat in his hospital bed, contemplating reality. He had been lying there for almost two hours, all alone. His body was almost covered in dark sores, all of which were oozing GORE! He was weak, too. Weaker than he'd ever felt in his entire life. Even one time when he was a child, and his older brother had sat on him, and pinned him down easily, completely overpowering him, he had still felt stronger than he felt while weakened by the Plague. He thought back to his times as a young man, being trained by the Shaolin monks.

Those times he remembered with a thandoled fondness. The old monks, while stern, had been so kind to him. And they had taught him so much. It was a shame that not even they could fight the scourge of the Plague.

Or could they?

It all started coming back to him. haxx0r gunman remembered that his master had taken him into the temple on his fourteenth birthday and sat him in front of the great statue of Buddha that was there.

"haxx0r-san," he had said, with solemness in his voice. "Today is a day of great joy, but also a day of great prophecy."

haxx0r gunman had not understood. "Master?"

"haxx0r-san, one day, many years from now, you will be faced with a deadly disease. A disease that could very easily kill you."

"Truly? Am I then doomed, master?"

"No haxx0r-san, for the great Buddha, who created all and still binds the universe, has allowed me to foresee this day, and told me what you must do."

haxx0r gunman had bowed before the statue. "Praise Buddha."

"Indeed. Now I shall tell you what you must do. When the disease comes to you, you must remember the most important lesson of all: Disease is a joke. When you get a disease, you must think of how funny it is, and let your laughter be your antibody. Do you understand?"

haxx0r-gunman had nodded and smiled. "Truly, Buddha is wise."

In his hospital bed, haxx0r gunman smiled once more. He realized, truly, disease was a joke. Then he began to laugh. It was a hearty laugh, like he had not laughed in a long time.

Instantly, his skin went back to normal and his full strength returned. He leapt out of bed and stretched the stretch of a warrior. Confident that he was back to 100%, he stepped out into the hall to find the doctor and nurse at the reception desk.

Both dead of the Plague.