The Young haxx0rgunman Chronicles

haxx0r gunman laughed with glee as he ran through the floweriest meadow he had ever ran through, not a care in the world. He was a young man then, and the world was a different place from when it burned under the war-torn skies of the 21st century. It was the summer before he shipped off to the academy, and everything seemed to be going his way. This summer day he had chosen to frolick with his high-school sweetheart, Elita Janke.

The two were skipping and laughing when haxx0r gunman's next-door neighbor, an awkward lanky teenager named Brawnfire, emerged from a nearby grove of pine trees.

"W-what r u guyz laffing at?" He held back a tear and stammered on. "R u guyz laffing at me? Y do u guyz haet me?"

haxx0r gunman laughed before drawing his haxx0rsix-shooter and blasting Brawnfire between the eyes.

"Because, you reek of human filth and your conversational skills, for lack of a better phrase, suxx0r dickr0x."

He and Elita laughed once more and resumed their frolicking.

Brawnfire was not missed.